Even though my stomach felt queasy, I did it. I hit send….several times. And now, my query letter sits in the inbox of several literary agents. You would think I’d be concerned about rejection. What if no one wants to read my manuscript? But I’m actually concerned about acceptance. What if someone wants to read my manuscript? Am I ready to send “my child” out into the world to fend for itself? Even though that’s been the point, the purpose, all along, I feel  a little anxious. I’m sure, however, that if and when that time comes, with a grateful heart and a queasy stomach I’ll do it again. I’ll hit send.


I imagined I’d write my first post on my new blog about Profound Secrets, the novel I recently finished writing….my first novel. Or perhaps a brief bio about myself. Or maybe an overview of some of my favorite books….or my favorite authors. I even contemplated a simple list of some of my favorite things.

But, turns out, I have something else on my mind tonight. Actually, it’s a place. The public library. More specifically, the public library in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

Libraries have most definitely changed from the “hear a pin drop” quiet and rubber due date stamps of my childhood. I not only check out books there, but I meet friends there, revise, scan and fax documents there, and get technical support there. Lots of technical support. Like today, for instance. Stephanie helped me get my blog up and running with a matching Facebook page and Twitter account. Oh, and a new gmail account, too. Who would have ever guessed you could do all that at the public library?

The older I get the more dependent I am on the public library. They keep up with the times better than me, and somehow find the patience to prod me through the high tech, social media door of the 21st century. And I’m grateful. So grateful. Thank you, public library in Indian Trail, NC! And thank you Stephanie! You’re the best!