The question was about lessons learned, and I thought I’d completed my answer on a Saturday morning. Two days later I awakened with this life lesson pressing against my mind. It gnawed at my thoughts all morning until, finally, I added it to what I’d already written. Later on I realized this final answer summarized the other lessons I’d listed, and I hadn’t fully understood what I’d learned until I wrote it down.

. . . . And I’ve learned that reaping what I’ve sown isn’t a punishment. It’s the natural flow of life. The way God designed it to be. He’s with me when I sow. He’s with me when I reap. Even when the seeds are hurtful and the harvest damaging, He doesn’t leave me to my own devices to straighten things out.

He loves me through it, showing me the truth when I open myself up to it, inspiring me through His Spirit to keep going. He takes damaging harvests that I produce, and He turns them into something beautiful, sometimes even something tangible, in my life.

And that’s an addendum I hope I never forget.


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