I remember when a nickel paid for a candy bar,

a dime bought a newspaper,

a quarter was a generous tip,

and a half-dollar was more than enough to buy a gallon of gas.

Things change.

At sixty-something, I just finished my first novel and decided to set up a blog because….well, that’s what writers do. Knowing that any ten-year-old could figure it out in less than half the time it took me provided no comfort for my bruised ego so I consoled myself with Carol King’s Tapestry, The Eagles Greatest Hits, and The Captain and Me by The Doobie Brothers. (I love China Grove!) They’re all CDs mind you. I gave up my cassettes and eight tracks when I bought my new three CD player in 1998, the one I listened to while setting up my blog. I haven’t replaced it because it isn’t broken. Anyway, getting back to my blog, the About page provides a little more information about me. My email address is listed under Contact, and you can read my posts on the Blog page. I do, however, reserve the right to modify and adjust as needed because after all, this is brand new to me. And….things change.